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2nd Class Listening Plus -1o 2008

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Check what your classmates have shared with us. Appreciate their special places and feel free to ask questions or make comments. Enjoy!


You can click on the photos to Zoom In and Out.

The sequence of photos you see in the slideshow:


Augusto - Lençóis Maranhenses

Mônica - Piratininga, Rio

Eber (3 photos) - Budapest and Prague

Marcus - California

Thaline - Fortaleza

Rodrigo - British Columbia

Dennis Oliver - Haystack Rock, Oregon

Amanda - Wilmette, Chicago

Luiz Hargreaves - Sunset, Brasilia

Patrícia Faustino - A view from her window in Cochabamba, Bolivia

Antônio - Bar, São Paulo

Valquíria (2 photos) - Five Falls farm

Sandra (2 photos) - Louvre

Luciano - English Bay Park, Vancouver

Luciana - Buckingham Palace

You can see everybody's description of their favorite places here.





Students Write about their Favorite Places



First of all, I ´m shamed because I don´t have here a photo in my own city, where I was born: São Paulo. I don´t have digital photos from the city I most love. So, here I´m in London, I went there in 2006. That was my first time in Europe.

London is an amazing city. I just love it because I think British people are very kind and lovely. And, as I expected, people are always on time, they´re are really punctual and (boys, you don´t have to read this part) men are handsome.

I would like to have another opportunity to come back London. And so, if you can go there, you'll enjoy the city!

Here I posted just a piece of the photo because the original is too much big. I was in front of the Buckingham. You can see more about ir in: http://www.tourist-information-uk.com/buckingham-palace.htm

and http://www.royal.gov.uk/output/Page555.asp





A dazzling view of the English Bay Park - Vancouver - Canadá

What can I say about Louvre? Always I will want go back there!!

This beautiful place is in a farm that my father-in-law bought recently. It's far from Brasilia, about 4 hours by car, because of the road that isn't good.

I´ve never gone abroad. So, the best place for me is São Paulo because I like to do even the best in my life and I often find it in São Paulo. I like to drink beer very much and the foto is from Bar leo in São Paulo, maybe the best place to drink "chopp" in Brazil! 


Prague has a thousand years of history. A remarkable monument is the world famous Charles Bridge built in 1357. It's a walking tour because there are a lot of statues to see. Cars are prohibited but sometimes coaches can cross the bridge. Through it we have a spectacular view of the city and at the end of  the bridge there is a castle, The Prague Castle, the biggest castle in the world. In it there is a town within a town. 




This is the view I have from the window of my room in Cochabamba, Bolivia, my hometown. Yeah, we also have a Christ there. And it is also as famous for the Bolivians as the one in Rio is for the Brazilians. Everybody that goes to Cochabamba, has to visit the Christ and get a great view of the city.


Patrícia Faustino



Piratininga's beach in Niterói/ Rio de Janeiro


Mônica Gill


Brasilia sunset pictured by myself..


Luiz Hargreaves


My favorite place is Fortaleza. That city is amazing! People there are friendly, the food is delicious, the beaches are very beautiful and at night you can walk thought the street and feel the breeze coming from the sea and touching your face. Definitely incredible!! I recommend Fortaleza to anyone who wants to spend wonderful vacations and to have some fun!!! big grin





My sister and I playing in the snow a year ago, in Wilmette.




This place is very special for me, because I met my wife there in 1997. California is fantastic! A good program is to take a car in San Diego and take the highway one north passing through Los Angeles, Santa Barbara, Carmel, Monterrey, Santa Cruz, and finally San Francisco. You will see the Californian way of life like in that famous music of Lulu Santos "De repente California".




This is a photo of Haystack Rock, a beautiful formation just beyond the beach near Cannon Beach, Oregon. I lived just south of Cannon Beach before I moved to Arizona. If you click HERE

, you can see online photos of the area where I worked on the coast. It was a little further south of Cannon Beach.

I loved living on the Oregon Coast. It was beautiful and peaceful, and it had mild weather (though there was a lot of rain). There are evergreen trees near the beach.
If I could afford it, I'd definitely move back to the Oregon Coast. There are a lot of places that I like, but this place is definitely my favorite.







Welcome to Victoria, the capital of British Columbia, Canada. The city is located on the windy Vancouver Island that is surrounded by the cold waters of the Pacific Ocean.
In the picture you can see the world famous Empress Hotel in front of the Inner Harbour (not shown) where has two excellent walks for a warm summer evening or morning stroll. The hotel was named for Queen Victoria, Empress of India.
The city itself is full of life with a rich cultural diversity, outdoors adventures and friendly people.
For me, it was a remarkable experience.






Students' Recordings








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